Naomi Ozaniec

Well there’s been quite a gap between starting the blog and now, during which I have wandered down various byways. I’ve decided to try and follow a structured approach to Kabbalah by working my way through a particular approach. I’ve decided to use The Aquarian Qabalah (also published as the Kabbalah Experience) by Naomi Ozaniec, mainly because it offers a clear curriculum.

It is very much a work in the Western Mystery Tradition, building on the Qabalist studies of the likes of Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight. It offers ‘a path of self-realization and self-revelation’ through work with a ‘rich symbolic vocabulary’.

Must admit I think the self is over-rated and incline to the Buddhist take on it – I am always reminded of the line in The Specials song Do Nothing – ‘people say to me just be your self… how can I be anybody else?’.  But arguably the notion of a transcendent identity amounts to something similar in terms of surpassing the ego. We shall see.


2 Responses to “Naomi Ozaniec”

  1. July 29, 2012 at 11:58 am

    I would love to know how you are getting on with your journey through the Tree of Life

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