Summer Solstice and a dream of Louise Bourgeois

Summer Solstice yesterday, sitting in a South London park watching the sun go down over the city, talking about yoga., meditation, tai chi, art, schools and dogs.

Went to sleep and had an interesting dream. I was in a dusty flat in Berlin, which had belonged to the artist Louise Bourgeois (pictured). They were reading out her will, in which she had left ‘the Kentucky Instrument’ to me. It was kind of a cross between a ukulele and a dobro guitar, covered in dust, and with the words ‘Kentucky Instrument’ written on it. I was cleaning it and inside were long strands of black hair. I held it up to the light and it was like looking down a hair/dust lined tunnel with a glow at the end.

Then a guy called Tim appeared, who in real life I used to share a flat with in Brixton but haven’t seen for around 20 years since he moved to Australia.


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