The Temple of Malkuth

Malkuth is the Kingdom – the material, sensory world at the base of the Tree of Life. In this sense it is the Sphere of the Elements – earth, air, fire, water.

Ozaniec invites us to ‘Construct the Temple of Malkuth in the creative imagination’. I imagine walking up a shallow slope next to a stream, with trees alongside. There is a green hill, through a hidden entrance in the side I come into the square Temple through two pillars at the Eastern entrance.  Above it there is a blue stained glass window featuring birds of the Air including an owl and a kingfisher. To the left (south) is a large golden bowl suspended from the ceiling with a Fire burning in it. Straight ahead (west) is a sunken pool of Water, on the wall there is Botticelli’s image of Venus emerging from the sea. To the right (north), for the element of Earth, is a natural rock face encrusted with crystals. A black and white checked floor, in the middle a circular altar with a purple cloth, a candle in the middle and four a candles at each of the cardinal points, forming a Celtic cross.


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