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The 32nd Path: Time, stars and the eternal

Reflecting on the 32nd Path (Malkuth-Yesod) and its association with time, with Saturn/Cronus as ‘Old Father Time’. Recently¬†this composite photograph of the sky was released from the Planck space telescope¬†showing remnants of light from the birth of the universe more than 13 billion years ago. An unfathomable depth of time.

“How, then, should we face the future? When the sailor is out on the ocean, when everything is changing all around him, when the waves are born and die, he does not stare down into the waves, because they are changing. He looks up at the stars. Why? Because they are faithful; they had the same location now that they had for our ancestors and will have for generations to come. By what means does he conquer the changeable? By the eternal. By the eternal one can conquer the future, because the eternal is the ground of the future, therefore through it the future can be fathomed” (Soren Kierkegaard, Edifying Discourses).