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The Temple of Malkuth

Malkuth is the Kingdom – the material, sensory world at the base of the Tree of Life. In this sense it is the Sphere of the Elements – earth, air, fire, water.

Ozaniec invites us to ‘Construct the Temple of Malkuth in the creative imagination’. I imagine walking up a shallow slope next to a stream, with trees alongside. There is a green hill, through a hidden entrance in the side I come into the square Temple through two pillars at the Eastern entrance.  Above it there is a blue stained glass window featuring birds of the Air including an owl and a kingfisher. To the left (south) is a large golden bowl suspended from the ceiling with a Fire burning in it. Straight ahead (west) is a sunken pool of Water, on the wall there is Botticelli’s image of Venus emerging from the sea. To the right (north), for the element of Earth, is a natural rock face encrusted with crystals. A black and white checked floor, in the middle a circular altar with a purple cloth, a candle in the middle and four a candles at each of the cardinal points, forming a Celtic cross.


Malkuth: The Resplendent Intelligence

Malkuth, the Tenth Sephirah, is associated with ‘the Resplendent Intelligence’ – the term comes from the Sefer Yetzirah (‘Book of Creation’ or ‘Book of Fomration’), or to be more precise I believe, Westcott’s 1887 translation of this early Kabbalist text:

‘The Tenth Path is the Resplendent Intelligence, because it is exalted above every head, and sits on the throne of BINAH (the Intelligence spoken of in the Third Path). It illuminates the splendor of all lights, and causes a supply of influence to emanate from the Prince of countenances’.

When I meditate on the Resplendent Intelligence, I think of the dazzling splendour of the natural world (the terrain of Malkuth) – of kingfishers, butterflies, flowers, salmon, leopards, antelope… In the human context, I think of dressing up, glamour, make up, dandyism… Not an illusion that must be stripped away, but a delight in appearance that expresses a joy in living.