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32nd Path: The Well of Memory

As part of exploring the 32nd path (from Malkuth to Yesod), Ozaniec proposes an exercise called the Well of Memory. It basically involves visualising lowering a bucket into a deep well, retrieving it, and drinking the water from a silver goblet… then seeing what memories surface.

It worked for me, immediately triggering a memory of drinking the spa water at Bath on a school trip more than 30 years ago. Not only could I recall the warm, mineral taste of the water, but I also remember other aspects of the trip that I’d forgotten about- visiting a park, staying in a youth hostel, and walking to a folly on a hill overlooking Bath (which thanks to Google I now know to be Sham Castle, built in 1762). I also remember being infatuated with a girl called Sally and doing nothing about it.

So when I sometimes ask myself ‘why bother will all this esoteric stuff’, the answer is because at some level it works, making things happen in/to my mind that wouldn’t otherwise happen.